The four teams zoned to Enugu Centre have all arrived in Enugu, with Burkina Faso arriving at 4 am, Thursday morning.

New Zealand arrived first on Wednesday evening clad in all black; followed by Turkey, Costa Rica and later Burkina Faso.

Three of the teams Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, and Turkey had their work out at the UNEC stadium on Thursday.

New Zealand decided not to drive out of their Nike Lake abode, settling to train at the Nike Lake make shift pitch at the hotel premises.

Dressed in All Black, the lads loosened up and did some ball work, and ended up at the Nike lake swimming pool.

Coach of the team Steve Cain was full of optimism after the light training. “I’m optimistic my team will perform well when the tournament starts going by the caliber of players I brought here”.

New Zealand will take on Costa Rica in the second match at 7 pm on Sunday.

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