Nigeria’s U-17 football team coach, John Obuh says he is very disappointed in the attitude of fans at Abuja who he described as being fair weather ones.

John Obuh (Left) said he could not understand how they could abandon the side when the going was bad only to return and cheer when they survived the onslaught of the Germans.

“It is all wrong. That means they did not contribute in any way to our survival against Germany because they were cheering the Germans.

“This is a new side that need encouragement. If I decided to act like them I would have abandoned the team when I first got here,” Obuh said angrily.

“When we were having problems they started booing us and some left the stadium only to return and cheers when we equalised and as far as I am concerned they did nothing to contribute to the point we got.”

He adds that the game against Honduras will be a difficult one as the Central Americans were able to match the Argentines ball for ball on match day one.

“I watched a bit of that match between Argentina and Honduras and it was not easy for the Argentines so Honduras must have something good about them.

“We will do the best we can to see we come up with a good team that will live up to expectations on the pitch.”

In Tuesday’s games in Abuja, Nigeria are up against Honduras while Argentina tackle Germany.

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