Nigerian referees before a league game

Naijafootball247 can exclusively reveal that Bamidele Falaye from Ogun State and Kunle Oyesola from Oyo state, two top Nigerian referees who died while taking part in the Cooper Test last week ignored doctor’s orders.
Both referees had failed the test in August and accordingly were not due to redo it until 12 months later.
However, during the test for referees who were exempted or on international duty last week, Falaye and Oyesola alongside others not eligible to take part also turned up.
In the case of Bamidele Falaye, he was told by the doctor on standby that his blood pressure was extremely high for such a venture and was advised not to take part but he rebuffed the doctor and even signed a document stating he was going to take the test against medical advice.
Oyesola was told that he could not do the test until another twelve months but he got angry shouting down those present, asking if they wanted him to go back without doing the test after spending so much money making the trip to Abuja.
When the coordinator insisted on leaving him out he even put a call through to the Nigeria Referees Association, NRA chairman in his state who spoke with the coordinator in Abuja pleading for ward take the Cooper Test.
Oyesola also signed that he was doing it against doctor’s orders.
At this point, the doctor and his crew of nurses left the scene in anger because they did not want to be part of the disaster about to happen but the Cooper Test went on.
After running a couple of laps and the two some were lagging behind, they were told to stop but the bluntly refused and ran on until they died on the tracks.


  1. After all said and done. I guess we need no fortune teller to tell us why Naija refs don't get picked for International events.


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