The decision of the sports minister to fix a Tuesday morning meeting with the NPL, NFA, referees that officiated in some league matches and arbitration committee members have caused the management of Sharks FC to react through their media department.

It is as a result of the pending protest by Bayelsa United querying the decision to have them walked over in the league game against Wikki Tourists.

That result confirmed Bayelsa United’s relegation but they are still fighting that decision and may once again delay the start of the league.

However, Sharks are asking the sports ministry to thread with caution.

According to the secretary of Sharks, Cyril Dum Wite that game has been rescheduled three times already and in this period of trying to clean Nigerian football old and ugly trends should not be returned to.

“It is sad that a few Nigerians always want to go the wrong way or else I do not see anyone trying to get something out of this.

“The league ended almost three months ago; official results and tables have been published and relegated teams have already started preparing for life in the lower division. The NPL have also ratified final league tables long ago so I wonder where this is coming from with just a few days to the kick off,” Wite said.

“Nigerian football is just coming out of its darkest days and we should not do things that will put the nation in bad light to the rest of the world. On what grounds should that game now be replayed? That means we have to postpone the kick off of the league once again but have we asked why we continue to allow the personal interests of a few people to get the better of the whole country?

“We at Sharks believe the sports minister is a very intelligent man. We also believe that he has intelligent people working with him and around him and we trust they will make the right decision but they should understand that replaying the league match between Wikki Tourists and Bayelsa United will certainly kill off whatever little credibility is left in the Nigerian League and Nigerian football.

In the original match, Bayelsa United did not show up and the game was awarded to Wikki Tourists via Walk Over.

Bayelsa cried out and they got a replay which they attended. In that replay a penalty was given to the home side and Bayelsa refused to continue play.

Bayelsa again, reported to the old NFA board and they ensured the match was once again rescheduled but in this one Bayelsa were leading with less than ten minutes left when the home fans invaded the pitch stopping the game.

In yet a fourth replay just before the season ended, Bayelsa refused to turn up and the game was awarded to Wikki Tourists, a decision Bayelsa United are contesting till this day.

Sharks assistant coach, Imama Amapakabo


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