Heartland players file out for a game

I have been watching proceedings like all other Nigerians on the goings on in Nigerian football.
By now everybody knows I am a man about the league.
I have watched the Nigerian league consistently now for at least 26 years and I really have no plans to stop any time soon.
When the NPL board announced that the league will resume on September 25, 2010, I was excited that at least we would not start too late this time.
But the date had to be ratified by the NFA and in their first meeting after elections they put the league resumption on hold to sort out issues of relegation from last season and the NPL chairmanship tussle between Davidson Owumi and Victor Baribote Rumson (no one is talking about Sam Sam Jaja).
That to me was like throwing spanner in the works of the NPL but the greater shocker came about a week later when a Lagos High Court declared results of the elections null and void and instituted a court action against 28 people for contempt of court.
Of course we know the story that they violated a court order to hold the NFA elections but there is a pertinent question- What becomes of the league?
If the decision of the annulled board stands, it means Nigeria will have no league until an NFA board is elected and they fix a date for the league to start.
Unless of course the senior staff at the association who are holding forth will take action and set us free so the Nigerian League can finally start.
Bu then again, I ask- must the NFA do this every year?
For as long as I can remember, every year the NFA refuses to allow the league start on the date picked by the NPL and it makes me wonder if this happens in other climes.
I stand to be corrected but Nigeria is the only country in the world where the Football Association is in yearly public spat with the Football League.
What is it about the League kick off date that is always opposed by the NFA?
Sincerely I hope the league can still kick off on September 25 so we can get on with our lives.


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