Victor Baribote Rumson

Chairman of Bayelsa United, Victor Baribote Rumson has explained to naijafootball247 the reasons why he is unyielding in his bid to unseat Davidson Owumi as chairman of the Nigeria Premier League, NPL.
Baribote in a telephone conversation on Saturday says he is all about following “due process” which he thinks was ignored before, during and after the elections.
He told naijafootball247 that Davidson Owumi was not eligible to contest the elections and is an imposter as far as the NPL chairmanship is concerned.
“Every election has its own rules and guidelines so it bothers me that the same were created for the NPL elections and Owumi flouted almost every one of them yet he goes around saying he is chairman of the league,” Baribote said.
“First he bought two forms to contest two different positions on the board so how possible is that?
“He contested the position of chairman of chairmen but he is not a club chairman anywhere in Nigeria yet they allowed him contest and win that election.
Baribote added that Owumi may seem to be the best candidate like most people keep saying but he was not eligible to contest the election and is an imposter for parading himself as chairman of the league.
“The documents are there but people are trying to argue without the facts which are sacred. I can say more and more about how ineligible he is like the discrepancies in his endorsement forms, the fact that the chairman of Rangers wrote a letter saying the only person they endorsed was Dominic Nwobodo, Owumi getting nomination from Shooting Stars in the South West when you must be nominated by a club in your own zone, which in his case is South East. I can go on and on but we have over flogged this issue,” he argued.
He continued that he is the change Nigerian football needs because he is a man that follows due process and fights for a cause till the end.
“From the first day I have argued that Davidson Owumi was not qualified to contest the elections and I have not changed that stance until now. I will continue to fight it until justice prevails.
“He is an impersonator because I have a copy of a letter from the NFF saying all parties in the imbroglio must revert to status quo ante while they try to reach a resolution. With this he should stop parading himself as chairman of the NPL.”
He also took time out to clear the air on comments credited to him in the media about three months ago.
“Some time ago it was said that I threatened to mobilize Ijaw youth to fight against the Itsekiri because I am Ijaw and Owumi is Itsekiri but it is unfortunate that the person who started that tale was very mischievous.
“I still remember that interview very well and I said Bayelsa United represents the interest of Bayelsa people nationwide and the people of Bayelsa State will not be happy if they do not get justice for their club. There was no time I said I will wage a war against the Itsekiri people.
“The bone of contention has always been the NPL chairmanship and the injustice meted out the Bayelsa United and I will continue to fight until I get justice.”
Naijafootball247 will most definitely reach Davidson Owumi in the nearest possible time and sound him out on some of these accusations.


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