Dolphins manager, Stanley Eguma

Its seems to be an era of player strikes and clubs, Nigeria Premier League clubs owing their players so much the boys simply refuse to play.
And what bothers some of us so much is that all these come within days of the league kicking off.
Players of Dolphins FC on Monday morning joined city neighbours, Sharks in their protest over unpaid wages.
Dolphins manager, Stanley Eguma saysonly the coaches turned up for training in the morning as all 35 players on the club’s roster stayed indoors.
“It is sad. We have a match on Sunday, less than 6 days away and this is surely going to disrupt whatever plans have,” Eguma said.
The players say they have not been paid 60% of their sign on fees from last season as well as at least 18 match bonuses.
They have also not been paid salaries for two months.
“It is sad,” Eguma said.
“They are doing this because they want to get paid but it is throwing a spanner in our works. I really hope the sponsors of the team do the right thing and pay the boys so we can get back to business,”
Sharks players were reported to have gone on strike last week protesting none payment of 2 months salaries, 14 match bonuses and 60% of their sign on fees from last season.
Another club, Bayelsa United are seriously indebted to their players, reported last week that they are negotiating giving them all out on free transfers rather than take transfer fees. reports the debts owed to Bayelsa United players to be at least two hundred million naira (about$1.2m)

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