Barrister Christopher Green
A member of the former board of the Nigeria Football Federation, Christopher Green says though he blames the country’s sports minister for the current crisis, Nigeria can come out of this suspension.
According to Green who spoke with naijafootball247, the FIFA letter is self explanatory and Nigeria just has to right the wrongs pointed out by FIFA.
“First, the minister on his own decided that there will not be relegation of clubs from the League’s top division. This was a decision taken by congress and included in the statutes of the league and only an extraordinary general congress can revert the decision but what the minister did was like enacting a new law for the league all by himself.
“That will have to be rescinded and we go back to status quo ante,” Green said.
He also spoke on the removal of Amadu as Acting Secretary General by the minister and the NFF elections that was nullified.
“You see, what FIFA frowns against is government interference and we have done a lot of that in recent times. The case must also be withdrawn from court or else FIFA will maintain their stance on us. Then there is the other matter of allowing the elected board to make decisions without undue interference.
“We flouted the statutes and as a minister, you have no right to do that. He singlehandedly took far reaching decisions that should have only come from the NPL or NFF and we must revert all that so life can go on for us football wise,” Green advised.


  1. Mr. Christopher Green has his unalloyed rights to rant and fantasise. I am a defender or advocate of the Sports minister.
    Ask Mr Green, where was he when the crises engulfed? Did he call Baribote to let him realise he has no case? Did he realise there was a case of certificate forgery in the whole NPL saga? Between Baribote and Owumi, who would he have picked ordinarily if the development of the game is the issue?
    Were all the contending parties not present at the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) initiated by the minister? In an ADR, are the rules part of the issues of conflict resolution?
    As a lawyer, I expected Green's argument to hold logic and wise cracks. I submit, with all due respect to his person, that he was faulty in this instance probably because he was supposed to be a beneficiary of the ugly (s)election that brought his board to be.
    Perhaps, Nigerian football would have become comatose under the Maigari Board.
    I think I should rest my case here until further notice!


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