Christopher Green
China Acheru
There was some reprieve in Nigerian football circles on Monday afternoon as the Harrison Jalla led National Association of Nigerian Footballers; NANF withdrew their court action against the Nigeria Football Federation.
FIFA had suspended Nigeria provisionally last month for acts of interference by the sports ministry but in three days, the court action was verbally withdrawn by Jalla, the ministers withdrew his decision to stop relegation from the League and the NFF board was reinstated.
However, the case in court was adjourned until October 25, 2010, when it was finally struck out and discontinued.
A member of the NFF board, Christopher Green told that Monday’s court process means the board are back in business and life can go on for Nigerian football.
“The NFF board still remains and that is just normal. In law when an action is struck out, everything attached to that action goes with it. They have discontinued the case so it means we as the board can go back to work,” Green said.
He said the board of the Nigeria Football Federation will now sit down and straighten out all contending issues in Nigerian football.
“The major issue is that people believe Nigerian football is not properly run and we will have to look into it. We have four years but we must start now so football in this country can be better,” Green said.

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