China Acheru
As soon as discussions are concluded, there may be more live games on television for Nigeria Premier League matches.
Chairman of the NPL, Davidson Owumi told that they are currently in discussions with the television rights owners on how the games can be on other terrestrial television stations for more viewership.
“Yes we agree that we need more games on television but we must first look at our progress over the years,” Owumi said.
“There was a time that there were no Nigerian League games on TV. Then we started with one live game, then two and now we have three live games on Nigerian TV.
“We are now trying to redistribute the cover. We need to convince them that we have a social responsibility to Nigerians to see the games which may be as important as the commercial aspect and that is the only route that can bring more games to Nigerians on television,” Owumi said.
Supersport are the television rights owners for the Nigeria Premier League and currently offer two live games weekly as well as a highlights show while national network, the NTA offers one live game a week.


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