Players of two Nigeria Premier League side, Sharks and Dolphins insist they will not stop their strike action until they are fully paid back log of their wages.

Players of both clubs refused to train on Monday citing nonpayment of four months salaries, 60% of sign on fees last season and a few match bonuses.

They have also not been paid any match bonus this season.

Captain of Sharks, Odinga Odinga told that they are tired of hearing promises from the Rivers State sports commissioner, Boma Iyaye who oversees both clubs.

“It is a collective decision of players of both clubs so this thing should not be linked just one person or just a few.

“For how long do we keep playing without getting paid? This time we will not return to training until we get everything that is owed to us and we will still not return if we are paid just a few,” Odinga said.

He told that they do not mind if both clubs are walked over in subsequent League matches but they must do this so as to get what is due them.

“We know we have the West Africa Football Union, WAFU Cup semi finals next week but what is the point? I think we should first sort out the current issue of getting paid and if we do, then life will go one for well for all of us in the state.”

Dolphins’ manager, Stanley Eguma says the financial situation of the club may affect their chances of winning honours this season.

Eguma said his players have done well winning away from home and currently maintain second position on the table but things could get worse if they are not paid.

“I must even praise my players for doing so well in spite of what is owed to them but I must also say that if things are not improved upon our performances will begin to go downhill.

“I know the ministry have promised to pay as soon as possible and I believe them but the players are not training and if they do not train they cannot give their best in League games,” Eguma said.

Players of Dolphins and Sharks embarked on a strike action to protest their unpaid salaries and wages on Monday morning and have not trained ever since.

The players say they are owed sixty percent of sign on fees from last season and no sign on fees has been paid to them in the current season.

They also say they are owed four months salaries as well as a few match bonuses.


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