The Nigeria Premier League are yet to decide on what to do with Sharks and Dolphins after unfounded allegations that a week three League game between both sides was fixed.

The game ended 1-0 in favour Sharks amidst insinuations that Dolphins may have bowed to pressure to let Sharks win since both sides are owned by the same Rivers State government.

However, after setting up a panel of inquiry and inviting captains and managers of both sides as well as the Rivers State sports commissioner, Boma Iyaye, the NPL have not been able to find anything to nail either of or both clubs.

A communiqué made public late on Wednesday night and signed by Akin Akinbobola read, “Given the rumours surrounding the match between Sharks FC and Dolphins FC of Port-Harcourt alleging irregularities, the NPL Board invited the two captains and officials of both teams. Investigation is ongoing and anybody that has useful information should provide same to the Secretariat of the Nigeria Premier League.”

The Communique further read that, “The NPL’s commitment to making the League one of the best is incontrovertible therefore its zero tolerance for activities that may bring the game into disrepute is not in doubt.”

Before that week three match, Sharks had not beaten Dolphins for 7 years in the Nigeria League but won through a 65th minute goal by Victor Ezeji.


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