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The management of Premier League leaders, Dolphins FC, over the weekend suspended two players, Tochukwu Okoli and Omo Ojabu.

In a letter signed by the club Secretary, Ahmed Abdulrahman, the two-some were guilty of leaving the camp without permission and gross disrespect for constituted authority.
They have been suspended indefinitely without salary having been warned verbally on several occasions.

Both have been told to vacate the camp immediately and have been told to submit all club property and equipment in their possession to the welfare officer, camp commandant or curator.

Both players joined Dolphins at the start of the 2008/09 football season, Ojabu from Orji Uzor Kalu United while Tochukwu Okoli joined from Sharks.

Omo Ojabu played for the national U17 team that finished 2nd at the World Cup two years ago and is currently with the U20s.


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