There will be double header meetings in Abuja on Thursday and Friday this week after the Technical committee and Executive board of the Nigeria Football Association, NFF meet to discuss the failed friendly tournament in the USA.

The technical committee meets on Thursday as members get ready for a showdown over the embarrassment Nigeria faced last week when the Super Eagles travelled to the United States and had no opponents to play in the Obama Cup competition.

One member of the technical committee who spoke with said he was embarrassed at the whole development and blamed the NFF for not crosschecking the details before flying the team off.

“It is sad. Much as I would want to blame the organiser, Pius Oleh, we also have to share in the blame,” he said.

“How can you go for a tournament that you were invited for and not wait for the organisers to send tickets and accommodation details? Why were we in such a hurry to go?

“I heard some time ago that the tourney would not hold and a few of our news media reported the same things. Then we got reports that Mexico and Panama had pulled out yet we took our players out there? It’s a big shame and we must talk about these things at the meeting and ensure they don’t happen again,” he said.

“As far as I am concerned we just messed up these players who play in the home league and had seen this as a chance to showcase their talents to the world.

“That was a long trip and it’s a shame they could not play. We deprived their clubs of their services and we put them at risk. This should not happen again.”

The organisers claimed they had a problem with the ticket master and that the tournament would be played in two weeks but this was only after the Nigerian team had arrived at Dallas.

A day later (Friday) the executive board of the NFF meets in Abuja and there are feelers that they may announce to Nigerians that the team will still play the Obama Cup competition on another date.

The venue for the Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match against Ethiopia may also be announced after the meeting on Friday.

Another matter expected to be up for debate certainly would be that of getting a certified and proven agent to be tasked with organising friendly matches for Nigeria’s Super Eagles.


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