1 GAME founder Philip Obaji said on Thursday that the Nigerian media will unite to avoid a repeat of the tragedy that occurred in Ogbo, Rivers State where a bus driver and supporter of Manchester United drove into a crowd of jubilant Barcelona fans killing six people in reaction to the outcome of the 2009 UEFA Champions League final between both sides in Rome.

Pic: Arsenal fan stabbed by Aston Villa fan at a viewing center in Lagos, Nigeria a few years ago

As both teams meet again this weekend in a mouth watering final in Wembley, the Cross River State Football Association board member says “it is time to act.”

“We (the media) will keep saying it. Football fanaticism is evil and that’s the message that will be told on the airwaves. The Nigerian media is ready. I’ve put a call across to DJs and presenters, editors and webmasters, telling them; let this be the message for the day.” Obaji said.

“We want to do everything within our power to avoid a repeat of the Ogbo incident. I saw some of the victims buried. The tragic scenes are inexplicable. There is no justification of such behaviour and we must act now to avoid a reoccurrence.”

He added: “The last thing many people will want to hear is that a life was lost because a football team was defeated across the Atlantic. It is senseless.”

English Premier League champions Manchester United will this weekend at the Wembly Stadium play Spanish Primera Liga winners Barcelona in a repeat of the 2009 final in Rome that saw the former beaten 2-0 by the Catalan giants.


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