Vice President of the “Change Nigeria” Group, Umuze Omonigho says 1 GAME is a noble venture in the quest to change Nigeria for the better.

Omonigho told 1 GAME’s China Acheru she knows football is a very enjoyable sport for players, spectators and commentators alike and watching it should be fun.

“Apart from its physical and health benefits, it’s a team building sport that brings together people with various cultures. Watching football is fun especially in the stadium or viewing centres where you can interact with people, make new friends, share ideas or even sign business deals. It brings about a spirit of love, joy and happiness.

“There are no permanent winners or losers just a permanent interest and that is why I believe we should come together and shun violence in sporting arenas. Let’s unite and grow the sport we love which will rub off on our national unity. Remember football has the power to break all barriers,” she said.

“It will be great for the Change Nigeria Group to partner with 1 GAME to ensure that we bring a positive change to the way football is played and watched in this country.

“I am Umuze Diepiriye Omonigho, the Vice President of the Change Nigeria Group with a passion for national unity. I believe the better Nigeria we want starts with you and me. I support 1 GAME.”

1 GAME seeks to address the problem of violence in football and the society worldwide through collaborative and systematic effort.

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