President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Alhaji Aminu Maigari (In pic) on Sunday debunked a report in a national newspaper that officials of the Federation who did not travel to Germany for the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals were paid estacodes.

“No official of the NFF was paid for not traveling. That is a fact that we have stated before, but as a responsible public establishment, we feel duty-bound to reiterate this in the face of this fresh offensive by detractors.

“There is no division or disagreement among Members of the NFF Executive Committee as imagined by the reporter, because no such payment was made in the first place.

“The story was a concoction of lies and it is such a shame. Only ONE Member of the Executive Committee, not FOUR Board Members as claimed by the reporter, was to travel to Germany for the finals, but the trip had been called off the day our girls lost to the host nation and were eliminated, and NOT as a result of any newspaper report.

“The reporter was so desperate to get his lies published that he failed to achieve consistency in his allegation of what was paid to each person, whether it was $5,334 or $5,313. And those who should know are aware that Members of Executive Committee are NOT paid $381 per night as estacode.

“We appreciate the efforts of the media in the development of Nigerian football and the constructive criticism that even help those at the helm of affairs. But the sections of the media that are committed to hawking falsehood should stop under-rating the intelligence of Nigerians”, urged Maigari.

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