Nigeria’s Flying Eagles coach, John Obuh has revealed to how he flushed out age cheats from his team for the World Youth Championships taking place in Colombia.

Obuh told that certain factors were put in place before players were picked to be part of Nigeria’s U20 team, the Flying Eagles.

“First we checked when they started playing football and also scrutinised their birth certificates,” Obuh said.

“We also make certain of the history of their football career and compared it with what they had given us as their ages and see if it tallied and I tell you, if you do all these you go a long way to know which players are within the age grade and those who are not.”

Obuh, however confessed that the tests and researches they did were not fool proof and were only based on info in their disposal.

“You must also agree with me that all I have said now fully depends on the information we have available to us. What we do not know we cannot work on,” he said honestly.

Nigeria’s Flying Eagles have been enmeshed in stories of blatant ages cheating as exposed by and, a situation that led to Nigeria Football Federation board member, Chris Green threatening to kill Nigerian journalist and editor of this blog, China Acheru for exposing age cheats within the Flying Eagles.

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