Sharks assistant coach, Kennedy Boboye says he has no choice but to support 1 GAME, the campaign against violence in football since he has been a victim of football violence.

Boboye who played his football with Sharks, Udoji United, St Dennis, Fortuna Dusseldorf and Dolphins told 1 GAME’s China Acheru that he has had firsthand experience in violent acts carried our against him and is happy there is a group about to stop that.

“Some years ago while I played for Sharks we went to Kano to play against Kano Pillars and in that game I was unlucky to have scored against the home side, Pillars.

“That game was played for about one hundred minutes until the referee allowed Pillars to score, especially after their fans jumped the perimeter fence and started harassing us while the game was on.”

Boboye added that even though Pillars eventually drew that match the fans who had jumped the fence beat them up especially him for scoring the goal.

“Things like this should not happen anymore and that is why I support 1 GAME and say there should be no violence in league games anymore.

“You must know that I have also been beaten up in Maiduguri before after a game against El Kanemi.

“My name is Kennedy Boboye, I played for Sharks, Udoji United, Fortuna Dusseldorf, St. Dennis, I also had stints in Lebanon and Israel before returning to end my playing career with Dolphins. I support 1 GAME. No violence in any football match.”

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