The Nigeria Premier League say they are about to enforce the Bosman ruling in Nigerian football.

Shocking as it may seem, the Bosman ruling which has been in use since 1995 is yet to make its entry into Nigerian football.

Acting Executive Secretary of the NPL, Tunji Babalola informed that Nigerian clubs will no longer be allowed to demand transfer fees on players who are out of contract as is still being done now.

“It is wrong. It is wrong for clubs to demand and collect transfer fees on players who are no longer contracted to them,” Babalola told

“We know it happens and we will do all in our power to stop it. A player is a free agent at the end of his contract and should not attract transfer fees if he wants to join a new club.”

Most Nigerian Premier League clubs sign one year contracts with their players and a few sign for two years, but they still demand and collect transfer fees even when these players are out of contract, sometimes leading to protracted transfer squabbles between clubs.

“I think what we will do is that we will hold seminars to sensitize clubs and the players too about the Bosman ruling.

“The Bosman ruling is not new to the world and we have to implement it in our league too,” Babalola said.

Prior to the Bosman ruling, professional clubs in parts of Europe mostly prevented their plaers from joining other clubs even after they were out of contract.

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