Dolphins General Manager, Dumbor Awanem has confirmed that Arsenal FC will play against Dolphins when they come on their tour of Nigeria in the summer.

Dumbor said over the weekend that there is no way Arsenal will come to Nigeria and not play the current League champions of the country.

He however said he attended a meeting with the Arsenal representatives and they reached that agreement.

“A lot of other states are trying to lure the Arsenal team to their states but they have said they want to see a club that can actually give them still opposition and Dolphins fit that bill.

“With this I can confirm to you that Arsenal will come to Port Harcourt to play against Dolphins’ in the summer.”

Awanem further added that the state is already in the process of making things right for the visit of Arsenal to Port Harcourt in the summer.

“It’s not everytime you get a club like Arsenal coming to your country or your stadium and we want to make the best of this.”


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