Experience they say is the best teacher, but you wonder what coach Okey Emordi has learned from experience, seeing that his stay in Nigeria football has if not for nothing, lasted far longer than our present democratic dispensation.

You may be fair enough to add the transitional years of Ernest Shonekan and deduct the tenure of Musa Yaradua, and Emordi will still beat it.

He has won trophies, the zenith of which would of course be his Champions league triumph with Enyimba.

So with all the experience in the bag, you will want to expect that he has seen enough of refereeing decisions in football.

How the man must hate Port Harcourt, how he must have looked beyond the referee and his assistants who officiated the game, to tag honest and forthright persons like me with labels bordering heavily on theft and robbery, just because twice has he been to Port Harcourt this season, and twice thinks he that he was robbed.

On both occasions against Sharks and Dolphins he has cried Wolf, only stopping short of invoking the gods of the Riverrine.

Though not lacking bowels of dishonesty myself, I will only forgive Emordi if he in all his years in Nigeria football has not benefited from ingenious referee decisions, conjured to favour the side that pays most as is the case with teams in the South-South, or when only the presence of the fans like in the North, is enough to do the business.

Magic it was, and I wish to read the refereeā€™s report. Why the Rangers goal was disallowed is one that might open up a new vista in the rules of the game.

Chikeluba Ofoedu thought he had increased his goals tally for the season when he scored what was in all accounts, a brilliant goal worked through the right by Ejike and finely put away by Chikeluba.

Being there at the stadium denied me the replays folks who saw it on TV had, but I swear it was a good goal.

But alas the assistant referee raised his flag, its brilliant yellow resplendent in the setting sun.

His poker face and body language set like that of coach Shuaibu Amodu told me that the man could not even rationalize why he disallowed the goal.

Anyway, Sharks won the match through a Kola Anubi goal and denied Rangers the opportunity of climbing to the top of the league momentarily.

Perhaps that was why the Rangers boss was incensed, he knows his side will not be at the top of the league at the end of the season, and so, wants all the attention he can get now, while they remain at the top.

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