By Carl Orakwue

I have never liked the character called Jose Mourinho. Pisses me off every time.

During his time in the English Premiership he made many a boast and unfortunately they came to pass.

Now that made me dislike him the more. Yes! What happened to the ever famous saying ‘pride goeth before a fall’?

I expected him to fail every time he made a boast but unfortunately his boasts came to pass. Indeed he was really special in English football.

Okay. Coming home to the Nigeria Premier League, the chief executive officer of Rangers International Football Club, Paul Chibuzor Orji has been waxing lyrical for a while now.

It’s the same CD he keeps playing with the lyrics remaining neither unchanged nor edited. ‘We will win the league……’;

‘After we’ve won the league………’;

‘We play total football……..’ All these make up the hook and chorus of his hit track.

When I first spoke to him earlier this year and he told me ‘Enugu Rangers would be champions at the end of the season’, I thought how boastful. Well is it but a mere boast? I know the season is not yet ended but Rangers currently top the Nigeria Premier League Table and have been there a while now and seem keen on keeping it so.

Orji in keeping with the lyrics of his hit track insists that all that has made the difference for his side is their brand of football, ‘Total football’.

He describes his team as a complete team that have done well in every department.

‘We have a good team and the boys play total football. In any situation where there is a level playing ground we will always come out on top’.

He continues ‘We intend to win the league then go on to play in the CAF Champions League where we will do better than those teams that have represented Nigeria on the continent this season’.

Ouch! That’s one for defending NPL champions, Dolphins who had a terrible outing on the continent due to mismanagement I dare add and the likes of Heartland and Warri Wolves who also suffered preliminary exits on the continent.

Orji tells me, the NPL champions as well as the other Nigerian representatives did not give the country good representation and his side intends to go to the continent and show them how the business should be done. Hahahahahaha! I dare say unlike Mourinho, I seem to like this fellow. He knows what he wants and is quite sure of himself.

I keep asking myself, could this be the year of the Antelope? Is this the year where Enugu Rangers put behind them years of disappointment?

Well I don’t know as am no Octopus. But it will surely be interesting to see Paul Chibuzor Orji’s boast fulfilled.

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