By Nduka Orjinmo

So Sharks handed Dolphins the courtesy I had predicted by fielding a weakened side in their derby on Sunday.

It was like I had foreseen, only that they short changed Dolphins in the goals margin.

The first leg had ended 3-1 at the Sharks stadium, Dolphins fielded a weakened side too, the Dolphins supporters club stayed away from the match and Hassan Hussein scored for Dolphins.

The same scenario played itself out at the Liberation stadium.

All but the score line as Dolphins couldn’t lift themselves out of their recent mediocrity to duly receive the courtesy.

Sharks supporters club stayed away and Abduljeleel Ajagun got the goal.
Seen by few, he continued as the major factor in acting the script as he got the goal a few seconds after kickoff, while many spectators were still wiping their seats.

Of the eleven players that started for Sharks in Thursday’s flowing win over Enyimba, only goalkeeper Okiemute Odah, Fortune Chukwudi and Thompson Stowe started against Dolphins.

Sharks coach, Imama Amapakabo claimed after the match that he wanted to rotate his players to keep them fresh.

Good point, but he has been playing a game perhaps every three days, since the season started in January and I have seen him use the same squad, time and again.

But even if he wanted to rest some players, which coach would do so in a derby?

Which coach would give so many players their debuts in a supposedly high profile match?

I’m still asking these questions

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