Nigeria Premier League (NPL) chairman, High Chief Oyuki Obaseki has confirmed
he will be present at the 2012 League Bloggers Awards (LBA) in Lagos.
Super Eagles’ head coach, Stephen Keshi and former Nigeria Football Association
secretary-general, Taiwo Ogunjobi have confirmed to be part of the dignitaries
for the LBA.
is excited that the LBA is private-initiative meant to support the Nigeria
Premier League (NPL).
a good move from you individuals to have your own version of the awards for the
league,” said Obaseki.
on the other hand, believes the 2012 LBA will serve as a way to spur on players
in the nation’s top flight to continue to give their best as they stand to be
always joy for every footballer who takes part in a championship, does well and
gets rewarded. It’s a good move by the League Bloggers Awards. We hope this
will be an awards that has come to stay,” Keshi remarked.
added that the league and awards cannot be separated and believes the LBA has
opened another chapter for the top flight.
a good one as it is a process that will encourage players, coaches and all
stakeholders in the league to do well so that they will get recognised for
their performance,” said Ogunjobi.
2012 LBA will hold in Oregun area of Lagos on October 28.

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