Super Eagles are back to Calabar for the FIFA Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifiers
and so am I.
I would have loved to be in Calabar since Monday, the same day the Eagles
arrived, I realised I do not work for myself and those who pay me insisted it
had to be Thursday.

Pic: Andy Randa, Ogenyi Onazi, China Acheru
got to Calabar a bit late because I left Port Harcourt a bit late (no brainer)
and while on the way down, I began to map out what my itinerary would be like
since I had already arrived there two days behind schedule.
knew had had to visit the Eagles’ camp at the Metropolitan Hotel (now
Transcorp), I had to get accredited for the game and of course I had to visit
my favourite dog porridge joint which I never miss on any of my trips to
First things
had to go to the Hotel to see what interview I could do but first I had to
settle down to a place to sleep and in an hour and half I was fully settled.
mates of mine were Oluwashina Okeleji of the BBC and Andy Randa (In pic above)of
gotten that off my chest I rushed to the Eagles Hotel, a wee bit late though
and I could only catch Ogenyi Onazi as he did his thing with the Super Eagles
youtube channel and then Supersport before I grabbed him to chat.
they say Ogenyi Onazi is the chief comedian of the team. If I ever had doubts
about that then, not anymore after last night.
was all over the place, right from the youtube recording cracking us up with
his jokes,
said if not for football he would have been a pastor since he grew up in the
church and was toeing the pastoral line before football came calling.
Onazi was asked what prized possession would he take out of the house if he was
leaving on a long journey, he answered, 
“Is it my house in Nigeria or my house in Italy?”
again, he was asked what team mate of his would he want to travel with on a
long boring journey and he asked, “Super Eagles team mate or Lazio team
the one that left me in stitches was when I dropped my midget (voice recorder)
between his legs and he shouted out, “Bros, wetin be this thing wey you
put inside my leg na (What’s this you put between my legs?).
continued, “Looking at your gaemu (beards) you look like those people
(Boko Haram), Make e no be bomb o (I hope it is not a bomb) and you come put am
for bad place (and you put it in a sensitive place)
course we all laughed and I assured him that I wasn’t one of them because if it
was a bomb I would also get killed in the blast but that did not convince him
as he said, “Bros, even when dem throw bomb, dem dey die inside too na (You
know they are suicide bombers and they also die in their bombings so I am not
convinced by your explanations).
any case we all laughed it off and after the interview was done I asked Onazi
to do a shout out for my radio show and he went, “Bros, this one na advert
o. How much you go pay? (You would have to pay me for advertising your radio
show). But of course, Onazi did the shout out and we all lived happily ever
I saw my good friend, Deji Tinubu and we chatted on the Super Eagles Social
media revolution and after that it was time to shut down for the night.
will be another day since I have sessions with at least seven Super Eagles
players (with permission though from their bosses).
news. It has not rained yet since I arrived in Calabar at about 5pm until I shut
down at 2am on Thursday morning. This will be a great trip.


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