By Damiete
Sanipe Tonte
Football Club have a match to honour in Maiduguri on the 2nd of
October against Elkanemi Warriors FC,  yet news emanating from that part of the
country is so terrifying that even the most intelligent fish would be scared to
swim in known waters.
made the rounds that, “ gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram sect members on
Sunday went on rampage in Gujba community, Yobe state where they opened fire on
the students of College of Agriculture, Gujba at 3am as they slept in their
later moved to other houses, where they killed residents at will. They also
blocked the Damaturu-Maiduguri road and killed travellers.
like this ought to be a sort of concern for the LMC as Dolphins that were
scheduled to have had this fixture on the 29th of September are
still aground somewhere in a neighbouring state in the north-eastern part of the
country waiting to honour the fixture.
the rescheduling of the leagues games, Dolphins could not return to Port
Harcourt after their 1-0 loss to Gombe United on Wednesday, as management after
wide consultation agreed that rather than make the 20 hour journey back to Port
Harcourt on Thursday and then another 23 hours to Maiduguri on Monday, the team
should stay back.
Officer of the club, China Acheru said, “Our General Manager being a former
player of the team certainly understands what players go through travelling
across the country for games. I believe that after meeting amongst the players,
GM Awenem, TA Stanley Eguma and commissioner Fred Igwe it was agreed that the
team stay behind rather than let the players face the trauma of making the
combined total of 63 hours road trip.”
high time drastic measures are taken to move games away from trouble spots
especially states where the Federal Government have declared Emergency rule.
could be played in nearby states with less vulnerability
to violence.  
what frame of mind do opposing teams perform after such a tiresome journey
coupled with the fear of insecurity not only from home fans as experienced all
over but irate sects killing and maiming anything in front of them even the
future (students) of tomorrow?
are certain frantic calls are being made by Dolphins FC towards their security
to the League Management Committee but how fast the LMC acts to decide on this
fixture without disrupting the remaining fixtures is another debate.


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