the eve of the game was very eventful for me, or was it?

had a chairman who had never called me before but had begun to do that
regularly since I arrived in Calabar and it had been very regular.
wanted to know what interviews I had done, how I had done it, was it exclusive
or general, what superstars I had spoken to. Wow!  I had to reassure him that I knew the job and
would deliver.
he stop calling me? Certainly not. He is a nice chap though.
Breakfast and
that national conference
up was to break our fast and all of us who lodged at the same “name withheld”
hotel got out to the restaurant to commune.
Okeleji of the BBC, Andy Randa of Supersport and a few others had our meals and
after that we debated on lots of issues the most heated of them the COZA sex
scandal that took over Social media in recent times.
the first time I said my mind on the COZA thing which I never wanted to get
involved in and my mind is clear. That girl is just… I digress and I do not
want to.
was time to go take our baths and get to work. We had appointments at the Super
Eagles hotel to chat with players.
Metropolitan Hotel
and the disappointment
had arranged with Ben Alaiya, the Super Eagles media officer to
“arrange” five players to chat with us while Shina said he only wanted
to talk with Stephen Keshi so he tagged along.
to the hotel, Shina was dead hungry and had spoken so much about meat pie at
the hotel so we first went to do that alongside a scout, Tofe.
meatpie was not bad. Shina was right, wasn’t he?
the pie, it was the hotel and with Ben Alaiya not taking his calls or replying
to my messages we had to go Gung-ho.
up with Emmanuel Emenike and requested an interview. He said he would be with
us in five minutes.
he no go come again o. Na so these players dey do,” Shina told me.
simply means, “He will not come back. These players can be like this at
to type, Emmanuel Emenike did not come back.
went up to spend time with a friend and found Ogenyi Onazi in the room. They were
watching highlights of Serie A games.
had no reason to be in that room even though I was enjoying Onazi’s rib
cracking jokes anyway. He had a joke for every situation that was discussed.
nudged Shina to get across to Keshi so we can at least get that over with.
told us to meet him in the bar that he would be joining us soon and like the
boss, he was with us pretty soon.
Enter the Big
exchanged pleasantries and while Keshi tried to play the “I’m loyal”
card to us I let him know I’ve been a fan of his since 1983.
told him back when I was in secondary school I used to wear the number 4 jersey
and a captain’s band even when playing “Choosing”.
went, “Really?” and we went on to chat about lots if things we can’t
put in print.
chatted on lots of issues before we did the interview proper. And after that, a
photo shoot session.
interview done, I still needed at least three players to end my day and first
one that came up was John Ogu. Yes, he’s new in the team “relatively”
and he is the kind I like to talk to sometimes.
thing he obliged me and I moved on.
Ogu walks up to me and said he never knew I was the “famous
ikwerreman” on twitter. He now begins to call me “bros” and he
talked about how he follows me and reads my tweets. I’m sure Andy Randa
revealed my identity to him.
was done for the day and I needed to go back, file a report, get some shut eye
and return later for accreditation.
Accreditation problems/
return to the hotel
accreditation which was a horror show as usual, I decided to return to the
Super Eagles hotel to see if I could catch anything before the game.
except Sunday Mba who had played at Dolphins (my team) three years ago snubbing
me, so to say.
gave him a piece of my mind and walked out on him.
Tinubu was doing his bit with the players on the youtube channel and I caught up
with Stephen Keshi again as he did his bit with the channel.
then shut down for the night.
My thoughts on
the Eagles
am happy with what I have seen with the team so far. I like the level of
discipline within the ranks; I like what the coaches are doing and I like the
fact that we have options in every department in that team.
trusting Nigerians, I know Keshi has to win because if by any stroke of ill
luck the Eagles do not qualify, the coaches will be thrown out and be sacked
like they were guilty of treason.
Eagles! We will beat Malawi today!

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