member of the Nigeria Football Federation and chairman of its marketing
committee, Deji Tinubu says they decided to partner with Google because they
thought they national team should get to the homes of the fans.
some time now, fans of the national team have been able to interact with
players through the YouTube and google plus and Tinubu told that it was something they had to do.
think we just felt that we needed to show the Eagles a bit more to the outside
world and a bit more than you do not see on TV or the pages of newspapers.
wanted to show the other side of the Eagles, like who is the jester in the
team, who is the prayer warrior of the team, people need to know how the Eagles
relax, the bonding in the team. It is actually a relaxed thing. We needed to
close the big divide between the players and their fans,” Tinubu said.
Tinubu added that they got a hundred percent support from the NFF when the idea
came up though he admitted that some players found it strange.
just banter, just to peep into their private lives a little bit without
actually intruding and we really got full support from the NFF even though some
of the players actually found it strange at first.”
can follow the Eagles on and for exclusive updates.


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