Despite Monday’s loss to Jordan, a former
Super Eagles player and captain, Henry Nwosu has told that
he is proud of the work Stephen Keshi has done with the Super Eagles.
who played for the Eagles between 1979 and 1992 says Keshi has brought joy once
more to the hearts of Nigerians.
am happy with the work he is doing and I am sure most Nigerians are happy with
it too,” Nwosu said.
feel great as a Nigerian and I feel happy for Nigerian coaches. I am also happy
for Stephen Keshi because at the start people said he would not do well but
that did not come to pass.
have to support him to succeed. I also thank the NFF because they must continue
doing what they are doing to make him succeed.”
Nwosu added that he thinks Keshi’s team is almost ready for the World Cup.
must confess that Stephen is almost there. I look at the teams he has put up to
play up till this point and I must confess that he is almost there.
just hope that Nigerians especially the sports journalists will support  him and I see this team going places because
I believe he is eighty percent through with the job.
Keshi is just one game away from qualifying Nigeria for the World Cup and if he
succeeds he it will be the second country he is qualifying for the World Cup
after Togo in 2006.


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