Team Manager of Go Round FC, Soni Uboh
Newly promoted Nigeria National League, NNL side, Go Round FC say they are ready for the new season that kicks off on 15th February, 2014.
Coach of Go Round, Ngozi Elechi told naijafootball247 that he stands by his promise that the team will spend just one year in the League and play Premier League football next year.

“That is the target of the club. We have worked towards it and we will achieve it.

“I stand by that and I believe it will happen,” Elechi said.

New Stadium

One new thing the club will be bringing to the league is the fact that they now have their own stadium.

The 10,000 capacity Kris Dera Stadium is nearing completion and team manager, Soni Uboh insists they will be ready by the kick off.

“The VIP pavilion is ready and so are the dressing rooms for both teams as well as referees and others who need such facilities.

Go Round FC’s KrisDera Stadium still under construction
“The perimeter fencing is down and so is the media tribune and dugout which we have built to English standards,” Uboh said.

“You know in every stadium in Nigeria, including the national stadium in Abuja, we place the bench or seats for the technical crew and reserve players right there in the tracks or next to the playing pitch but ours is different as we copied the model from stadia in the United Kingdom.

“We have the dugout built in the terraces so the spectators are as close to the players as possible.

“The only problem we have is the pitch which is not up to scratch yet but we also know that we have seen worse pitches in the Nigerian league though we will work on it and ensure it gets better,” Uboh said.

Return of Iyowuna Edward

Team Manager of the side, Soni Uboh told that they have done the needful by keeping their best players together for the campaign.

The team kept all its players intact that qualified them for the Nigeria National League and signed eight including Iyowuna  Edwards who had previously played for Sharks, Dolphins, Rangers and had a stint in Asia with Pahang FC of Malaysia.

Iyowuna Edward recently teamed up with Go Round, after a few years out with injuries and playing for non-league Pioneers FC last football season.

Veteran, Iyowuna Edward returns to the team
Edward told exclusively that he spoke with the manager of the club, visited their training facilities and felt it would be a good place to restart his career that was cut short by a fracture while preparing for a CAF Champions League game with Dolphins a few years back.

“I spoke with the club’s manager and its coach as well as the president and when I was through I realized they had a project that I wanted to be a part of,” Edward said.

“It is a very young team of inexperienced players here and I believe I can be someone they will look up to as we hope to achieve great things for the club.”

Head coach of the side, Ngozi Elechi told that he watched Iyowuna at non-league side, Pioneers during the FA Cup last year and knew he had to have him at his club.

“We have a very young team here and having qualified to play in the pro-ranks I thought we needed some experienced players to lead the kids the right way.

“I believe Edward will come good for the team as he has a lot to teach the younger players,” Elechi said.

Go Round FC will start their campaign against Prime FC at their Kris Dera Stadium home ground on February 15.


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