Brown Ideye celebrates a goal at Dynamo Ukraine

Eagles and Dynamo Kyiv forward, Brown Ideye has told that
he has no issues at his club and is happy to be part of their set up.

to recent media reports that he wants to leave, Ideye told
that he has a lot at Kyiv and leaving the club is not in his mind.

the club right now is not an issue. I have something to play for at the club
and I can only put all my focus there to get to the next level.

am also aware of a story on the internet quoting me. That wasn’t true. The guy
grossly misquoted me so I will not bother about that. I have a mission and
right now it is with Dynamo Kviv.

continued that he has no issues with his club and will continue to give his
best to ensure that he plays regularly and scores ahead of the FIFA Brazil 2014
World Cup later this year.

have a good relationship with everybody in my team; the players, the coach and
the club president.

since Congolese forward, Dieumerci Mbokani joined Dynamo in 2013 from
Anderlecht, the number of starts by Ideye has reduced.

Mbokani is my friend and we are very close. I agree I always want to play and
every footballer wants to play, so does it bother me that I do not start as
often as I want? I will say, yes it does because, naturally every footballer
wants to play games.

fact that I do not play as regularly as I want has not in any way affected my
relationship with Mbokani or any of my team mates.

I first joined this club, the great Andreiv Shevchenko was here and I was
starting ahead of him, yet he kept encouraging me and it brought out no bad
blood so I do not see why I cannot do the same and encourage Dieumerci Mbokani
now he starts ahead of me.

is not an issue for me. It is football and these things happen. Dieumerci
Mbokani is a good guy and we have a good relationship. This rivalry will only
make us work harder and it is the club that will benefit from it,” Ideye said.

Ideye says he wants to enjoy football at his club as well as have a good
relationship with every one there.

also want to do enough at club level to continue to guarantee a starting shirt at
the Super Eagles as we prepare for the World Cup,” Ideye told


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