Imama Amapakabor

FC assistant coach, Imama Amapakabor insists his boys are ready for Sunday’s
battle against Togolese side, Anges De Notse in the CAF Champions League.

told that Enyimba have done their homework right and will
do the business on Sunday against the Togoless side.

have done our scouting and have sent our people to Togo to see them play and
get clips of their games so when it comes to that aspect of football, I can say
we have done our part very well,” Amapakabor said.

added that the Super 4 in Abuja which they won aside, they have done their
serious training sessions and blending will not be a problem.

you saw in Abuja, we played virtually the bulk of our old team. The spine of
the team is there and that helps especially in Nigeria where clubs change the
whole team every year.

new players we brought in have also fit in well too and it shows that the work
we put in our pre-season camping didn’t go to waste because the new players are
beginning to blend.

went for a lot of youthful players upfront and adding to those we have already
it is going to be a remarkable blend when the season starts with Sunday’s game
in Aba.

was tough for us last season because it was like we were building a new team
but this time around we kept about 28 of our players so we will have a better
campaign this season,” Amapakabor told

have won the CAF Champions League twice in 2003 and 2004.

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