Sharks head coach, Gbenga Ogunbote

coach of Port Harcourt based Sharks FC, Gbenga Ogunbote is sure his side will
play on the continent next season.

is optimistic that the excellent display of his side in the pre-season Lotto
Cup which they won two weeks ago will have an effect on how they play when the
league kicks off in two weeks.

Lotto Cup was a good win for us. Yes, it was simply a pre-season tournament but
you can always use these games to gauge the strength of your side and I am
optimistic we can make it that far at the end of the season.

Lotto was a testing ground for new players signed and how they will work with
those we already have in the team and we also used it to try out new strategies
and formations as well as partnerships and I am very impressed with what the
team did in Lagos,” Ogunbote said.

the target to play continental football next season, Ogunbote told that he sees it as very possible.

you have followed Sharks since last season, you would have known where they
were when I came and where we have been able to take the team now.

are improving and if we can continue from the way we ended the season last year
then why can’t we go for the title or even a place in Africa?

am drumming it into the heads of the players every other day that we should
remain focused on one thing which is to play on the continent,” Ogunbote said.

were bottom of the table by week 5 when Gbenga Ogunbote was contracted to
handle them last season.

that time they had won one, drawn one and lost one game at home.


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