It had been fun watching the World Cup from home/ office in Nigeria, knowing at some point I would be right there at the center of the action.

Though from initial projections I was to be there from the opening match on June 12, visa issues and then logistics ensured I missed Nigeria’s first two games against Iran and Bosnia.

Not that I actually missed those games, I watched them, but from home and not the stadium in Brazil

Exciting World Cup so far

I think the first sign that it would be an exciting World Cup was when news broke that a certain Ghanaian witch doctor, or jazz man as we would say in Nigerian parlance had cast a spell on Cristiano Ronaldo.

Nana Kwaku Bonsam claimed he used four dogs to manufacture a special spirit he called Kahwiri Kapam.

The idea of this spirit was to ensure Cristiano Ronaldo did not play against Ghana at the World Cup?

Did you believe him? I did.

The fall of Spain

Second thing I found thought provoking was the fall of Spain.

Come on, wasn’t that Spain? The world and European champions?

Wasn’t that Spain? The team that would pass (tiki taka) their opponents to tears? How did they lose 5-1 to Netherlands and 2-0 to Chile? Its football, isn’t it?

Eye candy

From my TV screen I seen pictures of people having fun in Brazil.
Hmmm. I’ve said enough about that already. I just saw people have fun on TV.

Nigeria’s fickle fans

This one wasn’t the least bit surprising as Nigeria is the only country I know where its fans wish doom on their own national team before a ball is kicked.

Granted, Keshi seemed to have got his tactics wrong against Iran but the vitriol poured on the team after that game was way out of line.

But the coach, Keshi and a lot of the players are very used to it.

At the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013 which Nigeria won eventually, the team started poorly with two draws against Burkina Faso and Zambia.

When the team eventually beat Ethiopia in the final group game and was to face the Icory Coast in the 2nd round only a few Nigerians thought the team stood a chance.

The Nigeria Football Federation even went ahead to by flight tickets for the players on the eve of the game because they really believed the team would lose to the Ivoriens.

Keshi certainly has not forgotten that experience, neither have the players.

The horrible Wakanow experience

After conflicting flight times, I eventually set out for Lagos on Saturday, June 21, 2014 because my tour package was meant to leave Lagos at 6am on Sunday, June 22.

So the idea was the watch the Super Eagles against Bosnia until 1am then resist a shut eye until 3am before heading to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport which we did successfully.

But after a check in and boarding process that lasted until about 8.30 am we couldn’t fly because of poor weather.

This meant retiring back to our hotels, grabbing breakfast, a 45 minute shut eye and a quick return to the airport for new check in formalities.

I am not just tired, my eyes are heavy and I haven’t had a proper rest in two weeks.

We have been sat in this airport for more than 12 hours and the wakanow people are yet to give us two stories that are the same.

As I sit at the departure lounge of the airport typing this, I can’t wait to get to Sao Paulo and have my first 6 hour sleep in a month.

i have boarded for the second time… I hope i will fly this time because I really have loads of work to do… For my blog, for surebet247 and for my radio show in Port Harcourt

#TeamKeshi, #TeamEagles, #Surebet247



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