Today was all about the game against Argentina and though Nigerians in Nigeria still did not believe in the Eagles, those in Brazil thought we could win.

Every Brazilian I had met so far was sure we would beat Argentina.

Yes, I agree some said it out of hate for the rivals and one or two just laughed when I said Nigeria would win, but it was obvious that the Brazilians supported Nigeria.


I do not even want to talk about these fraudulent people here.
I will dedicate a full blog post to when I am less angry so I do not say something that will be regretted later.
But the truth is that, after collecting hundreds of millions of naira from Nigerians in their tour package left at least 200 hundred of these Nigerian fans stranded in Sao Paulo.
These people paid between N870, 000 to more than a million ( $5000 – $9000) for the package, a deal that included tickets for the game against Argentina as well as transport to Porto Alegre, but on game day staff of vanished and Nigerians were left stranded.

I digress.

Game day and time

Stephen Keshi kept his starting line up the same like for the game against Bosnia and we noticed Victor Moses wasn’t at the pre-match warm up.

Rumours began to circulate that he had dumped the team, refusing to be a substitute once again.

I surely have no details on that and will not write based on rumours.

Since we all watched the game, I will just focus on other things.

When Stephen Keshi took over in November, 2011, I remember one of his very first interviews.
“My target is the World Cup in 2014 and by the time we are through with the World Cup I would have left Nigerians with a team they will be proud of.”

Those were the very words of Stephen Keshi.

By the time Nigeria qualified for the World Cup in 2013, he went on to add that his target for the World Cup was to better Nigeria’s previous best.

It’s not rocket science that Nigeria’s previous best was a 2nd round outing. And if Keshi believes Nigeria should play in the quarter finals, then I believe it too.

In search of Brazilian hair

I hear the keys to the doors of my house may have been changed by the General Officer Commanding and will only be released to me if I return with Brazilian hair so I went in search of it.

Did I find it? Yes… but it costs and arm and two legs so I have been considering this idea.

Rather than spend all those hard earned dollars on two portions of Brazilian hair why don’t I talk to two Brazilian girls and a guy to follow me to Nigeria.

I will bear their expenses, feed them well and house them too.

But the ladies will have their hair cut every three months for sale and then I continue the feeding and grooming process so it grows again.

I will have my Brazilian hair factory.

Someone is asking why the guy is in the mix and it is simple- I would love to produce Brazilian children to grow the factory so I can have a multinational company.

Nah! It won’t work. Madam cannot wait that long.

Today, every Brazilian I met on the streets wanted to take pictures with me.

Was it because we were about to play against Argentina and they wanted us so badly to win?

Yeah, we didn’t win but we put up a good show.

Thank you Mr. Keshi. I had never doubted your abilities to lead the team since I first watched you as captain of New Nigeria Bank of Benin FC in 1983.

I also never doubted you would be the best Nigerian to coach the Super Eagles since that day in Annaba, Algeria in 1993 where you ensured, as captain, Nigeria made it to her first World Cup.

Nigerians made despise you for your methods, but you have one brother here is is with you all the way.

Tomorrow I go in search of the missing sixty million condoms



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