Aminu Maigari
By Jessica Amadi

Member of the Executive
Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation, Ahmed Kawu has continued to
maintain his stance that he never signed any document for the impeachment of
former NFF president, Aminu Maigari.
members of the executive board of the Nigeria Football Federation had
on the 24th of last month issued a vote of
no confidence and promptly impeached Maigari from office on grounds of
‘financial impropriety’, and immediately called for a congress in order to
ratify the impeachment of Maigari.
Kawu has insisted that he never concurred to any impeachment and that his
signature was forged.
Umeh stood up to make his speech and asked his colleague next to him, Mr
Effiong Johnson to bring the documents and the documents were brought out and
were shared among us,” Kawu said.
“Then the next I saw on the
front page was impeachment of Alhaji Aminu Maigari, then Dr Shehu Adamu read
the paper and moved a motion and it was seconded by Deji Tinubu”
Nigeria Nationwide League chairman says he was the only one to challenge the
“Then they asked if there
was anything we wanted to say and then Umeh said yes so Mr President Aminu
Maigari is hereby dismissed, which I raised my hand and said no, this is not
part of the agenda, this is not a meeting. How can we be doing this and
everybody knows I challenged it in that board,” He further added.
Kawu says he believes
impeachment processes should be done in the right way rather than in the manner
the committee went about it.
“I didn’t go through all the
papers, I said if that is what brought us here am not a party to it, am not
here to impeach anybody or disrupt anybody from carrying on his mission but
what am here for is to do what we are supposed to do diligently with high sense
of respect so that it will not affect the system.” said Kawu.
further added that the sporting world of football has always been a tool in
promoting peace and ought to remain that way.
“It is even only football
that is uniting the people in Nigeria and making our future bright with all the
insurgencies and youth restiveness, then why should only few of us, 10 to
thirteen sit down in a hall and do something that will affect everywhere,” He

Umeh the second vice president has been saddled with the responsibility of
acting as interim NFF president till the August 26 Nigeria football General Assembly.


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