Court of Arbitration for Sports have has finally acknowledged receipt of a
petition from Nigeria.
correspondent with the BBC, Oluwashina Okeleji, had written to the Communications
Office of the CAS asking if there was a case involving Chris Giwa’s claims to
be the president of the Nigeria Football Federation on why FIFA are refusing to
recognise his election on 26 August.
that question, the communications officer of the Court of Arbitration for
Sports, Katy Hogg replied
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your message and for your interest in
the activities of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
Please be advised that we do not currently have any
arbitration procedures between these parties.
seeing that Chris Giwa himself did not write the petition, but seven State FA
chairmen, including Obinna Ogba, another letter of inquiry was sent to the
Court of Arbitration for Sports, CAS’s Communications officer which got this
Dear Sir,
It appears I was too hasty in sending my response to
you earlier. Having checked again, I can see that a case is pending before the
Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
I apologise for the confusion caused.
person who should know told that aside from writing to
FIFA regarding this petition, CAS had also written to the Confederation of
African Football, CAF and the South African Football Association, SAFA that the
game between South Africa and Nigeria on Wednesday, September 10, should go on
without hindrances.
also want a FIFA response by 2pm on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.
Giwa group have reportedly appointed Prince Bola Ajibola as their arbitrator.
FIFA’s response
football governing body, FIFA has however sent a letter to the Nigeria Football
Federation, NFF not mentioning CAS in any part.
letter confirmed that conditions set out in FIFA’s letter of 3 September have
been met and that, therefore, the NFF is not suspended.
only addressed their angle and did not mention CAS.
NFF had been set a deadline of 8 September to ensure that the persons claiming
to have been elected to NFF positions vacated the association’s premises and to
confirm that the NFF General Secretary could perform his work without
with FIFA receiving a letter from the NFF with these assurances and with an
explanation of the positive steps taken to normalise the situation, they
outlined that they now expect the NFF Executive Committee to meet as soon as
possible in order to convene an extraordinary general assembly to decide on the
roadmap leading to the elections, which should be open to all persons complying
with the NFF statutes and regulations.
also emphasised that should the electoral process be affected by any
interference or mishap, the case would be referred to the appropriate FIFA
bodies and that FIFA would monitor the situation as the NFF progresses towards
the elections.


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