Coach Adamu Ejoor of the Super Sand Eagles
of the 2014 Copa Lagos kick-off, Super Sand Eagles are expected to commence
intensive training on Wednesday in Badagry, Lagos.
this, the Coach of Super Sand Eagles, Adamu Ejor, said “it is going to be a
tough camping exercise because the team has a lot of ground to cover before the
commencement of matches. We are going to start camping from Wednesday and I can
assure you that it will be a challenge since we have just eight days before the
tournament starts.”
added that “the players know each other well and this would act as an
advantage. These are players that I have worked with for years and we
understand ourselves.”
defending champions; the Coach reiterated his full commitment to ensuring the
squad are fit and ready ahead of the 12th December kick off, “we need to retain
the trophy at the end of the competition,” Ejor concluded.


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