LMC begs governors on club funding

League Management Company, LMC want state governments who own football clubs to
provide them with the much need funds ahead of the League that kicks off on March
a recent interview, the out-going Chairman of the league body, Nduka Irabor,
said the LMC recognizes that election campaigns have occupied the time of most
political office holders including the respective state Governors but pleaded
that they should also consider the exigency of the clubs meeting the
requirements which includes financial to participate in the league.
feelers that we are getting right now is that officials are neck-deep into
campaigning, please if you are serious about professional football all these
proprietors who happen to be the State Governments should make out time and
give the clubs money they need to prepare,” Mr. Irabor said.
LMC has led an advocacy for expanded revenue generation by clubs and championed
a switch to Community Ownership of Clubs from the government funding that has
seemingly not met requirements for the business side of football.
know the peculiar environment we operate in, we do not have the best
infrastructure and we do not have the best funding system for our clubs but we
do hope those who own these clubs live up to their responsibility and make
funds available to the clubs,” Irabor added.
about the clubs that will represent Nigeria in continental tournaments, Irabor
said the LMC is confident the teams will do well.
also charged the clubs to work hard on attracting fans to the stadium as this
remains a big revenue option.
are talking to the club managers, it is their business, it is their business to
earn money…to understand the business side and how it affects them.
they will add that point… it’s beyond game, its entertainment, it ought to be a
full entertainment package. Hopefully, they will get it right and begin to add
all those elements that make a full entertainment package.

(existing) infrastructure doesn’t support providing good entertainment. Abuja
stadium is for the elites but how many other venues do we have like this? We
need  to begin to redesign our
infrastructure to suite modern day footballing and entertainment purpose,” he

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