LMC reaffirms 7 March date for League

League Management Company have reaffirmed that the Nigeria Professional
Football League will start on the 7
th of March 2015.
the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC on Saturday night
announcing that General Elections in the country have been moved from February
14 to March 28, there were fears that the League would be affected.
a statement made available to Naijafootball247.com on Monday stated that the Nigeria
Professional Football League season’s start off date has not changed.
LMC also announced a registration deadline of February 20 for clubs to submit
their licensing documents for the 2014/15 Glo Premier League season.
documents include proof of no debts carried over, financial guarantee and
medical passport of players.
Abubakar, the LMC’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) announced this and said the
clubs have been put on notice that mid-week fixtures will hold to accommodate
the socio-political developments in the country.
part of the registration process for the new season, Clubs are to mandatorily
provide a quarterly Financial Performance Guarantee of N50m which is a
condition for licensing to participate in the league. Clubs that are in a
position to provide a one-off Performance Guarantee of N200m is also encouraged
to do so,” Abubakar stated.
to the LMC, clubs must provide the Financial Performance Guarantee on or before
March 5.
Registration of
LMC further advised clubs to note that they are only required to affirm the
retention of old players while filling out the registration form for only the
new players.
LMC will register players for clubs only if there is satisfactory evidence of
no indebtedness to the players carried over from last season. Clubs must
therefore attach proof of meeting all financial obligations to their staff to
be qualified to register new players”, Abubakar clarified.
League Management Company also advised Clubs to ensure that every player to be
registered must complete a medical check-up and the medical report should be
filled out on the same old Medical Examination forms issued last season for

medical certification must be provided for all players using same medical forms
provided last season and these shall be attached to the registration materials
being submitted by the clubs,” Abubakar noted.

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