I would have done worse than Onazi, says Keshi

Eagles head coach, Stephen Keshi has told Naijafootball247.com that he could
have done more than Onazi who received a red card for retaliation against Chad.
was given the marching orders for hitting back at an opponent after Nigeria got
the penalty for the second goal and while Keshi says the Lazio player has been
forgiven, he adds that in his playing days, he would have done worse than the
midfielder did.
course I’ve forgiven him but I would probably have done worse than Onazi did,”
Keshi told naijafootball247.com.
can you stand on your own and somebody comes to hit you in the eye? That’s
painful. Without a cause? Football is not played like that and in the heat of
the moment, Onazi retaliated because he is human
only fault I have with him is that he should know better that retaliation will
cost him. I might have done worse than that in my day.
will lose him for a game or two and will miss his services but I have forgiven
him. It could happen to anybody,” Stephen Keshi told Naijafootball247.com.
coach added that the team is gradually taking shape and he is happy with the
effort his boys are putting in.
boys did what they were supposed to do against Chad. We are all on the same
page and I am happy they now know the direction I want the team to go,” Keshi
told naijafootball247.com.

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