League Management Company (LMC) has issued the first order of six points
deduction in its bid to secure the welfare of players in the Nigeria Professional
Football League (NPFL).
Warriors have been handed a 14-working days ultimatum to pay all outstanding
financial entitlement of players and officials failing which the automatic points’
deduction will automatically apply.
another development, Sunday Abe, the captain of Sunshine Stars has had his
remaining two games of a six match ban commuted to a suspended sentence which
binds him to be of good conduct for the remaining games of the season.
decision on El-Kanemi Warriors was conveyed to the club in a letter dated
October 7 and warned that if there was no proof of compliance after October 27,
the club will be immediately deducted six points having failed to meet an
earlier 60 days notice of Summary Jurisdiction.
the 60 days notice lasted, the LMC had also written to El-Kanemi demanding full
details of the club’s financial position as provided in the Rulebook which was
response was not satisfactory. A notice of reminder of expiry of the deadline
was also sent to the club which formed the basis for the decision to deduct six
points from the club’s total points.
by Salihu Abubakar, the Chief Operating Officer of the LMC, the letter read,
“You are hereby notified of the decision of the League Management Company in
respect of breach by El-Kanemi Warriors of Article B9.45 of the Framework and
Rules of the Nigeria Professional Football League, that is, failure to pay
financial entitlements of the players of the club for a period of more than 60
explained that the decision was sequel to notice of Summary Jurisdiction (Form
16) issued the club on August 5 wherein El-Kanemi Warriors was given a period
of 60 days to remedy the breach. The club was informed that the consequences of
their failure to remedy the breach are:
 “A deduction of six points is imposed on
El-Kanemi Warriors” and that “the application of the points deduction referred
in 1 above is suspended for a period of 14 clear working days from the date of
this decision provided that if the club fails to remedy the breach within the
period, the points deduction shall immediately take effect from October 28,
further reminded El-Kanemi Warriors that further breaches of the regulation
will be treated in line with the provisions of the rules.
Wolves, FC Taraba, and Dolphins are other clubs that have been issued notices
of Summary Jurisdiction (Form 16) with deadlines that fall within the month of
the matter of Abe, the LMC in a communication to Sunshine Stars noted that in
view of the apology and pledge to be of good behaviour earlier tendered by the
player and the special circumstance of the club having over six players with
different national teams, “ it is the decision of the LMC that the remaining
two matches of the six-match suspension on the Player, Sunday Abe is hereby
commuted to a suspended sentence, provided that the player maintains good
conduct for the remainder of the current season”.
Stars management had through the Chairman, made a strong appeal to the LMC on
the player’s behalf citing their special circumstance and the player’s
demonstration of remorse which has served as a lesson for others.

the reprieve, Abe will thus be available for selection by the club for their
Match Day 33 fixture



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