Organizing Committee of the Brown Ideye Challenge have issued a one match touch
line ban to coach of Mighty Amphibious FC, Corporal Adenkwun Matudi.
is as a result of a confrontation between the coach and match officials after
the Group B encounter between his side and Ajagun Academy ended in a one all
draw at the weekend.
altercation almost led to a free for all as players of the Mighty Amphibious FC
joined in the shouting match.
popularly known as Coach Abu is deemed not to have set a good example on the
day and had engaged in acts which brought the competition to disrepute.
has been advised to follow tournament rules which advises all protests by
participating teams be channeled to the Organizing committee as opposed to
confronting match officials.
is thus not expected to be on the touch line when his team takes on Garden City
Academy in their final game of Group B.
Clarkson Agi of the Gold Kings Soccer Academy in a chat with BIC media says it
is inevitable most times for tempers to rise in the course of a game, as
football is a game of passion.
Nigerian wants to win and you know this game is a game of passion. When you are
not getting what you think you are supposed to get, it tends to heighten your
tension and as a result you make so much comments.
especially when you lose the game you then want to blame it on something or
someone. However when the game is over, you can really go back to look at
things again and discover that what you thought were mistakes were right calls.”
the group stages of the Brown Ideye Challenge gets into “Crunch Time”,
organizers have called on all teams to continue to maintain discipline at all

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