goalkeeper, Theophilus Afelokhai is optimistic they can get all three points in
Egypt against Zamalek on Saturday in Cairo.
is one of the five Enyimba players who had to leave the camp of the NPFL All
Star side on Friday to join up with their mates in Cairo ahead of the big game.
haven’t lost hope or else I wouldn’t have left Spain to Egypt when I’m billed
to start against Malaga but I’m leaving the camp here to go to Cairo because I believe
it is possible.
they beat us at home so we know we can also beat them at their home then beat
Sundowns in the final game to qualify.
know this and my colleague know it too so we are all optimistic,” AFelokhai
goalkeeper also described his experience in Spain with the NPFL All Stars side
as a wonderful experience.
learned a lot of things…from the way Valencia played to their organization were
things I had to learn. It was something good and I am lucky to be among the
team in Spain.
is my first time in Spain and I must tell you I am taking a lot of things back
to Nigeria with me. Things that will help my game in the future,” Afelokhai
NPFL All Star side will be without five Enyimba players as they take on Malaga on
Friday night’


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