Ka Bu Eli Ndam. That’s how i roll (Airport in Valencia)
diary for Day 5 has taken a long time coming because that illness called “Writers’
Block” hit me.
had almost given up before Aunty Abigail advised that the cure for writers’
block is to write all those things you would have wished to write if the
writers’ block did not happen.
seems impossible but I’m here, right?
it was departure day from Valencia to Cadiz through Sevilla and we had to make
an early start.
my Gionee Phone had reset itself to local time which is one hour ahead of Nigerian
time while my Iphone and wrist watch still had Nigerian time.
I knew the time based on the devise I was looking at.
were to head down for breakfast at 6am local time and leave the hotel at 7am.
biggie I was awake till 1am so I quickly set my alarm to go off at 5am (that
was my Iphone which still had Nigerian time on it).
plan was to wake at 5am (Nigeria) but 6am here, pack my bags together and take
a bath in thirty minutes then head down stairs for a quick breakfast before we
leave the hotel.
I woke up from sleep and it wasn’t my alarm that caused it so I thought well, I
had gotten up ahead of time so I wanted to sleep some more.
on second thought I told myself, why not get an early start to your day so I got
up and checked my Gionee phone to know what the time was and how many minutes
head start I had.
eyes almost popped out when I saw 5:40 am on my Gionees phone… Whaaat???? I almost
screamed out…. 5:40am? In twenty minutes time the team will leave the hotel and
I hadn’t taken my bath, nor packed my bags nor had breakfast.
you see the frenzy when I suddenly heard voices downstairs as though the
players were already getting into the bus. I swore I heard the voice of
Assistant coach, Imama Amapakabor. The infidel. He couldn’t even check up on me
and he was entering the bus.
five minutes or less, I had thrown all my stuff inside my bags and forced the
zip shut. I was a complete mess. It was a quarter to 6 on my Gionee phone. I had
just fifteen minutes to be in the bus.
people keep to time and if you are one minute late they will leave.
looked at the bathroom… Never!!! If I take my bath, then I’ll be walking to
Cadiz so I just washed my face and brushed my teeth then rushed out of the room
with my bags.
I got to the elevator, I noticed it was as quiet as a grave yard as though no
one was awake. What was going on?
checked my wrist watch and the time I saw was 4:50am… How???
checked my Gionee phone and saw 5:50 am then I remembered that my Gionee phone
was set to local time so I was very early and still had a one hour head start.
Chai! I wasn’t late after all. Chai! I’m the shame of the nation. A disgrace to
the ikwerre race. Chai!!!
quickly went back to my room, unpacked my bags and carefully packed it, entered
the bathroom and took a proper bath before going downstairs for breakfast and departure.
what voices did I hear as though there were people getting into the bus???
we leave that one first.
The long road to
wore a red T-shirt with the inscription, Eli Ndam (See pic above)
the people in Spain only understand what that meant then they would have been
afraid for all their land. (I be ikwerreman. Leave me jor).
got to the Valencia train station and quickly got on a train to Madrid from
train ride to Madrid from Valencia took us two hours but because it was a neat
train that didn’t have people from one part of the country begging, or people
from another part of the country selling stuff or yet again people from another
part of the country talking at the top of their voices and opening their mouths
to the end, it was a smooth ride and two hours came and went just like that.
That’s me and my good friend, Kunta Kinte at the Madrid station
people from those parts of the country know themselves. No be fight. Take am
like that. Na una identity. But I now call anybody name.
at the Madrid train station waiting for a connecting ride to Sevilla I met
Kunta Kinte. I think the photo is here for all to see.
train ride from Madrid to Sevilla was two and half hours.
ride from Madrid to Sevilla was fun, not because of anything spectacular… okay,
two things spectacular.
I got out my lap top, plugged to a power source and played Football Manager so I
was even a bit disappointed when we got to Sevilla because, I never
win league yet
and two and half hours done reach.
there was this teenager who sat across the train to me with his younger brother
who could have been seven or eight years old and I just watched them get along.
younger boy reminded me so much of my son, Menuchimzi. Both were full of life,
making jokes, singing and commenting on things I had no idea since they spoke Spanish.
Teaching the young man, Kpashi at this tender age
the older boy brought out a deck of cards and started teaching the younger one
how to play Kpashi as we used to call it in Port Harcourt. Na so pikin take
dey spoil o. Dem don dey teach am Kpashi at that young age.
was box office.
Sevilla, we got a vehicle that took us to Cadiz which would be our home for the
next three days.
was hot, so hot I thought I was in Maiduguri. When I checked the temperature it
was thirty six degrees Celsius. That was hot.
on arrival at Cadiz, normal service resumed as the temperature back to what you
expect in central Europe at this time of the year.
go our rooms, grabbed some shut eye and later on we were off to watch the NPFL
All Star team train.
got on the same vehicle with Shehu Dikko, Nduka Irabor, Harry Iwuala, Friday
Kujah, Moses Etu and Emeka Inyama.
discussion in that bus eh… Nigerian football will grow someday. It is on the
right path already. The discussion in that bus.
Fred Edoreh should
be impeached
chairman of Lagos council of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, SWAN is

His name is Fred Edoreh and he has been my friend for at least ten years.
However, I have told him he is guilty of a three count charge that are impeachable offences and I have let him know that in the next congress meeting called in Lagos, I will move a motion for him to be impeached
He has also told me that I won’t be able to enter the meeting if/ when the congress is called.
Niyi Oyeleke is also guilty of similar charges but they are accusing me of insubordination against the chairman emeritus and chairman of SWAN, Lagos, the center of excellence, but the battle continues.
Now for those of you looking for a headline, Niyi and Fred are my good friends and they have done none of those things going through your corrupt minds right now. This is just how we catch our fun while in a foreign land with language barriers.
To Be Continued

At the train station in Valencia

Ex International, Mutui Adepoju signing off at the hotel

That’s me explaining something to Danladi Isaac (Nasarawa United) and Ahmed Fresh (NFF)



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