would be the opening games of the 62
nd Trofeo Ramon De Carraza and
the NPFL All Star side would start against Malaga.
all hoped they would beat Malaga and then play Athletico Madrid in the final. Yes
we believed Athletico Madrid would beat Cadiz in the other game. Yes we were
optimistic like that.
in the morning of Friday was fun. Fun because people like Chris Green and Ahmed
Kawu as well as Alhaji Fresh were there to crack us up.
swear Chris Green should have been acting in Nollywood. He would have made more
fame and fortune. He can still do it if he wants.

Barrister Chris Green at hotel Restaurant

came with a story about how he and Baita, the Kano Pillars General Manager got
lost after shopping at the mall the previous night.
laughter was not in the story he told but how animated he was while telling it.
all laughed so hard and much our sides hurt. In fact someone actually choked on
his food while laughing. Chris Green na comedian.
breakfast, the Enyimba players had to leave and Theophilus Afelokhai had mixed
told me he was supposed to be in goal for the NPFL All Star team against Malaga
but he would be going to Egypt to deliver a victory for his club.
Buying a beer in
was speaking with a club official at the hotel bar later in the day as he
sipped his beer.
funny guy, this club official.
asked him how for much the beer and he said, “two euros or one thousand naira.”
I asked why he was converting it to naira rather than enjoy his beer and he
said in the part of Nigeria where he comes from, one thousand naira would buy
him seven bottles of beer and he is here in another man’s country buying only
one glass which was three quarters full anyway.

Very funny chap, this club official.
went on to say in Nigeria he can drink beer at anytime, but in Cadiz he went to
the hotel bar, gave them all the euros he had in his possession and told them
to keep bringing beer for him until he exhausts what he has given them but they
told him they do not start drinking beer until noon. According to him it was
11:30 am at the time.
this funny club official looked at me like Zebrudaya and asked, “Why must you
regulate what time I will drink beer when I am paying for it?”
all laughed because we know this chap, very funny club official.
My new girl friend
got a new girlfriend today and I enjoyed her so much. Yes it is not easy
feasting on the same thing for four days so when this new chic came along, I fell
in love with her immediately.

My new girl friend
your minds are messing you up. What is this chap talking about? Why is he
exposing his atrocities in Cadiz like this on social media?
you’ll do the same thing if you found this same girl I’m talking about.
lemme cut the chase and explain this new love.
four days we have been doing the buffet at the hotel and I must say, breakfast
has been my best meal but aside that, it had been a struggle to cope with the
tasteless food.
I explained to someone, the food no dey get salt or pepper.
Ibidapo (the scum) came all the way from Nigeria with red pepper but as soon as
the group knew he had it, we hounded him and by the second meal on Tuesday it
was finished and we were back to square one.
had made up my mind that I would go look for MacDonald’s ,Burger King or KFC to
get a burger or something that tastes like real food until I encountered Chief
Nduka Irabor once again at the hotel bar.
Irabor is a great man.
was seated there with Harry Iwuala, Fred Edoreh, Alloy Chukwuemeka and Niyi
Oyeleke when I joined up.
suddenly a meal of fried potato chips and roast beef was served and in
amazement, I asked, “You all can do this?” and they asked, “Why not?”
went on to say they had been doing it, even rice and other such stuff. Wow!
joined them in the meal of chips, roast beef and a glass of wine and I knew I wasn’t
going back to the hotel buffet any more.
new girlfriend? That was she.
Fernando Torres
and Diego Simeone
we got to the stadium for the Trofeo Ramon De Carrazo and it was fanfare all
about the place.
first game between home side, Cadiz and Athletico Madrid was on and as usual
Fernando Torres was running around the pitch as if he didn’t want to be there.
Athletico led 1-0 at half time and seemed to be winning the game when they conceded
a penalty very late in the game, drew and then lost the resulting penalty
shootouts with Torres fluffing the first kick.
soon as the game ended, Niyi Oyeleke of Super Sports, a long time Liverpool fan
called me and said, “China, you no wan snap Torres?”
said, why not? Where we wan see am?
Niyi said, “Make we go block am na. IF I no snap with am I no go comot here o”
he suggested we go and wait for him and the dressing room exit. Niyi said it
had to be Fernando Torres and Diego Simeone or nothing.
Iwuala later joined up with us to wait but there was really no passion for
Iwuala so he left to focus on Nigeria’s game against Malaga while Oyeleke and I
waited for the Ahtletico team to come out.
waiting, I met Saul Niguez, the home grown Athletico midfielder and he obliged
me a selfie but Torres and Simeone “refused” to come out.
for those who do not know, Fernando Torres is the best striker to dorn the Liverpool
jersey in the last decade; no one comes close, and we still waited, so if we
had our chance to interact with him, we would.
had even spoken to the security man that he should let us take a selfie with
Torres and he said he would help.
Fans waiting to get photos with Athletico players
as the Athletico players came out one after the other he told us their names
and asked if we were interested but Niyi and I collectively said, NO, it had to
be Torres or no one.
the crowd of home people started to gather. Lots of other people wanted what we
Torres popped out and Niyi… chai! The way the guy snubbed us sef. Was it the
anger that his team lost and he missed a penalty, or what was it sef. I no fit
just walked passed us like we did not exist, then stopped in front to sign
autographs and take pictures with some Spanish kids.
Niyi just looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said, “At least let it not
be like we did not try.”
just went back to the stadium to watch the NPFL All Star side lose 4-1 to
Malaga with goalkeeper Ikechukwu Ezenwa as the man of the match obviously from
the Nigerian side.
was so good that the fans behind the post sang a song in his name as he was
being taken off in the second half.
Cold, cold stadium
city of Cadiz is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and it can be windy and
cold at times.
fact it was windy and cold the day we played against Malaga and I wore just a
lemme just say na small thing remain I no die there with cold.
tweeted something during the game, Iyi Tugbulem meh nu eli cadiz weh.
was how I felt o. but I survived it anyway.
lost 4-1 but we picked up a lot of positives from the experience and we can
only get better.
Nigerian league is not the best in Africa even though we plan to be there as
soon as possible, but here we were playing against clubs from about the best
league in the world. The score line did not matter, did it?
returned to the hotel to face the old girlfriend again but since I had found a
new one I just had bread, butter and water then went to sleep. I no dey for
that one again.
In tomorrow’s diary, finally Torres
Day 6 Photo Splash
Enjoying the game with Nduka Irabor

Diego Simeone pensive before the penalty shootouts

Athletico Madrid midfielder, Saul Niguez and me

Harry Iwuala celebrates Nigeria’s equalizer against Malaga


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