last time I watched a Super Eagles match outside Port Harcourt was when Stephen
Keshi (of blessed memory) still managed the side.

this game against Tanzania was moved away from Port Harcourt I thought it as
one of the positives to have a road trip with the Eagles once more.
moment Toyin Ibitoye, who happens to be the Super Eagles media officer called
me, I realized the time was nigh.
told me he was already at the airport in Lagos and would be in Port Harcourt in
a bit for the game between Enyimba and Akwa United.
How Ibitiye made
me popular in church
Ibitoye and I after breakfast on Saturday

having late breakfast somewhere on Sani Abacha road in GRA with Ibitoye, I pointed
out my church, House on the Rock.
he said he wanted to attend I dropped my family off early enough so I could
pick him up from his hotel so we could attend the 1st service the
next day.
the fellow at the control room must have been a big fan of Ibitoye because the
moment his face showed up at the big screen, it was showing up every five
minutes until the end of service. It was either the man manning the camera or
the man manning the switch in the control room.
thanked Toyin Ibitoye for making me very popular in church on the day and I urged
him to come again and sit next to me.
I said, I had been in that church for three years but had never had my face
almost permanent on the big screen. #IbitoyePleaseComeAgain
Uyo for the game
trip to Uyo for the game on Tuesday was the worst since I started visiting Uyo…
okay the 2nd worst, except that the worst was not really Uyo as my
final port of call, but Calabar so this still stands as the worst Uyo visit.
I try not to drive interstate because the roads are not kind to our cars.
I was a state governor, minister or some other top guy in government, I would
drive even to South Africa and then use state funds to buy me another car on
return but me I dey manage this my tukeh tukeh small small.
trip to Owerri two weeks ago did things to me and my car so I’d rather pay to
use someone else’s car.
Sienna at Water lines would not fill up on time and we eventually left at 1.30
we encountered traffic at the poor Eleme axis of the East/ West road but the worst
of it all was on our way to Abak were the driver refused to take advise from us
and took a turn that led us to a road that was unpassable.
had to make a u-turn after a while in that melee then pass another which was
still under construction, the rains and all, around the Ikot Abia area before
we located Uyo.
the hotel at 4pm I called Toyin Ibitoye to register my presence and he told me
the Eagles would train at 5pm so I grabbed a quick lunch, a shower and headed
to the Godswill Akpabio Stadium to watch the 1st ever session under
Gernot Rohr.
Our illiterate
stadium security
know how overzealous our stadium security are, especially when the Super Eagles
are in town, any town so I thought it wise to get there in good time before the
national team arrive and the army start brutalizing people. Yes it is a regular
I approached the main gate I saw the security turn back a few people.
also saw a police truck parked outside the gate and I could sight one in the
distance right inside the stadium.
the stage was set. Is that why stadium security was turning down people?
got to the entrance and a fellow walked up to me and to say no one was allowed
handed him my press identity card and the way he looked at it, I knew he had no
starred at it for twenty seconds, then turned it around and starred at the back
for another ten seconds and boldly told me, ‘chesting out’ that, “We do not
allow people inside here.”
this point I was still calm at least and I told him, “I am not people. Look at
that card again and open the gate for me,”
looked at the card for two seconds and told me plainly that I am not allowed
I had lost my patience and I bellowed, “The Super Eagles train here today and I
am here to watch. That card gives me the right to go in.”
security man looked at me like I was rat’s arse crazy and went, “But the Super
Eagles are not in Uyo and they are not training here.”
this point I lost my cool and told him they are on their way to the stadium to
superior, a lady walked up to find out the cause of the ruckus and after I spoke
with her she quickly opened up and told me they didn’t know the Eagles would be
Waiting for the

took a while, but then they came in at about a quarter to 6 pm.

was just light workout, jogging around the pitch, exercises and a little ball
they started this I was taking pictures of different players as they got
dressed- Victor Moses, Troost Ekong, Kelechi Iheanacho but the duo of Nosa
Igiebor and Brown Ideye gave me problems.
lacing their boots I went to take pictures and they kept on lacing their boots,
not even looking up at me.
a long wait I went, “Even people wey dey tie lace dey look up na,”
ignored me but it was Brown Ideye who said, “Bros, if we look up, how we go
take see wetin we dey tie for the boot?”
guy is a trouble maker, so I went, “But if you tie small, you go look up small,”
Nosa Igiebor went, “Bros, how we take know say na correct picture sef? If we
look up finish and e no clear.”
then went, “No, if na this bros, the picture dey clear. I trust am for that one”
that time they now posed for the photo, but that was just us having fun.
Igiebor would not rest, “Bros, make I still check whether the picture clear,”
I showed it to him.
correct picture o. Abeg help me hold my phone, I go collect am after training, and
then I go give you my number make you send the picture to me through whatsapp.”
Obi left the session five minute out to get a physio session and the same
happened with Kelechi Iheanacho as the masseur worked on him almost all through
the session.
highlight of it all was when Rohr, who actually jogged along with the team
split them into two groups and told them to work the ball from one end of the
field to the other without the ball touching the ground.
the ball touches the ground, everyone in your group goes down and gives me five
press ups.”
it was just for the fun since this was their first session together.
long later, everyone was getting on the bus and going home.
retrieved his phone from me, we exchanged numbers and I sent the photos via his
whatsapp later one.
was time to shut down but Promise Etim, the League Management Company Match Delegate
in Uyo thought he should repay me what I did to him in Port Harcourt when he
came visiting two weeks back.
were with the Uyo based photographer. I’ve known that chap for thirteen years
but never known his real name as we all called him “Otisoron”
ordered the drinks but after a while I had to leave for my room to get some
work done.
I forget to mention that Sammy Wejinya is in Uyo and in the same hotel as I am?
Punishment for letting the ball touch the ground

Iheanachor having a session with the Massuer

Gernot Rohr having a word with his captain, Mikel Obi

Time to take a jog around the pitch

Victor Moses and Kelechi Iheanachor

Igiebor and Ideye after they both agreed to look up

Ahmed Musa and Ekong just before training

Victor Moses laces up



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