By Chibuogwu
I could not afford to wake up late again. So I set my alarm at four different
times just in case I turn off any in my sleepy state.
had sounded it like an alarm yesterday that we would have FIFA TV come film our
session today, and so we should look our best, try not to look tired and be
was D-day in Group C too and I had a video report to do as well
new mentor Martin had his first class today and his topic was “a few notes
on… writing”. According to him, “write football? Think
football,” meaning the process of writing about the beautiful game is
about the same way the game is played.
fitness, strategy, tactics and creativity all needs to be employed in writing
to produce an article.
first session was from 10-11am after which we had a coffee break, during which
FIFA TV set up their equipment for filming. By the time we resumed, we were on record.
This was to be for an hour while Martin continued his class. The camera man
moved from one end to the other getting good shots.
were made to understand that the filming would continue for the rest of the
day. The cameramen would join those going to the Amman International Stadium of
which I was one, but since we were leaving at 2, they decided to join those
leaving for Irbid at 12:30 to capture the bus moment.
they had an interview with Keir at the hotel and from where I sat I watched
the Amman International Stadium, I was feeling a bit tensed ahead of the first
part of my stand up. I had written my script and needed to memorize it and one
thing with the recording is that any mistake you make, you start all over.
script was quite long. I think the last time I had to memorise something like
that was for bible recital. So, I had like 4 tries before getting it right.
immediately after we sat in the media tribune of the stadium, it was time for
the North Korean Anthem, then Nigeria’s. As soon as the game started, FIFA TV
continued their filming of the AIPS Young Reporters at work.
and I sat together. Then she told me she was also supporting Nigeria. I thought
out loud, that maybe the white jersey will give some luck since they had worn
green in their previous two games, but I thought wrong.
spite of the early threats Nigeria posed on their North Korean counterparts,
they were beaten 3-0.
felt sadder about the score line than I did about them being knocked. It just
baffled me how they could not get the ball into the back of the net at least
once in three matches.
told you I was at one of their training sessions where by virtue of a barbed
wire I was able to watch all of it. They practised shots from outside the box
but even at that they could only manage one goal.
we went for the press conference afterwards, to ask lots of questions,
remember, FIFA TV was still filming. And I believe if coach Bala Nikyu had his
way, he probably wouldn’t have come at all for the press conference because he
seemed obviously uncomfortable responding to questions. 
refused to blame the loss on anything that has to do with tactics or technique,
and rather said in football, there must be a winner and a loser.
ended after the Nigeria and North Korea Press Conference after which I did the
concluding part of my video report about Group C.
went to see the game between Japan and USA with USA having all to play for.
in spite of the good start, they capitulated and the Japanese were not willing
to do them any favours. USA got knocked out, leaving our dear Jillian
heartbroken while In Irbid, Ghana beat Paraguay to progress, to the delight of

Came back had dinner and I tried to write. But slept off watching ‘Valentine’s

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