A smile with Prince Ali
By Chibuogwu
two days of no classes, we resumed today, with our video mentor Andrea, kicking
off lecture proceedings.
started by empting his back pack to display all the equipment necessary to get
a video recorded, edited and archived.
his tripod to his laptop, even to his extra battery for his camera, with a
little emphasis on the need to have external hard drives.
build a video report, we need images, interviews and contents with which to
build a story. Identify which part is very important and how it is to be
Andrea, Martin took centre stage with the topic; observation. The need to have
our eyes open and tell that distinct story the person who was not a witness
cannot tell.
long after Martin started his class did the President of the AIPS, Gianni Merlo
join us via Skype. He was supposed to have joined us immediately after the
coffee break but some things needed to be sorted out.
spoke about Masamichi’s article on Prince Ali, about our hang out after the
visit to Prince Ali, and asked about when our trip to Petra would materialize.
In summary, he missed us so much and wanted to see our faces again.
session continued after the Skype call and he shared with us certain things to
look out for in training sessions, on the street, before a game, during a game
and after a game.
to him, it is about being competitive and knowing where to make a difference.
He used three contexts to explain further before moving on to the next item on
his presentation; Focus, dishing out some dos and don’ts of writing an article.
class, I got a call from Channels TV to feature on ‘Sports Tonight’ via Skype,
so I could speak about the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup.
between the call and the time for the show, 9pm in Nigeria; 11pm in Jordan, I
had gone out with Farah to get a new memory card for my phone, I added another
day to My Jordan Diary, did the stand-up to the Prince Ali Interview, and
watched Andrea while he edited it, making a few suggestions and contributions
here and there.
also did an article regarding Prince Ali to send to my work place, Today 95.1
Fm in Port Harcourt, while bracing up for the Skype appearance on Channels. I
lie if I say I wasn’t a little bit nervous.
it was 11pm, I made sure I was online, sat where I thought was brightest in the
conference room where we usually have our classes and after a while, the call
came through, but there was an issue, my face could not be seen clearly.
well, I started walking about looking for where had a brighter light coupled
with strong Wi-Fi. I even went to Regency, ‘the hotel next door’. But still, I
ended up doing the Skype call in the conference room I had left earlier and my
face finally showed. That wrapped up my day.


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